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From copper to fiber connections and knowing the different types that each of them have. Dressing and patching, Rack & Stacking and color coded termination lessons and practical exercises. Acquire the experience needed to open doors for IT careers.




Understanding and setting up Network topologies and ensuring connectivity between the connected devices to share and recieve information between them. Different topologies and protocols that makes it easier for our day to day network connections.



Linux OS

An open-source operating system that is made up of the kernel, the core of the OS that communicates with the hardware. This is usually the preferred OS for servers. Its open-source characteristics allows it to be modulated to fit a specific need.



Data Center

A facility that houses Storage and Networking equipment that makes it accessible for cloud usage.The house or environment of super computers and technicians. This is a fast environment where all of the others above come together to function as one.

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