Cabling & Racking

Proccess involved in making a connection via cables between a fleet of equipment to establish a connection.

Cabling is essential in the operation of a Network  environment. Data Centers relies mostly on cabling to make connections physically and then creat logical connections for Data to be processed and secured in the cloud.
Our Program amps you to handle these connections professionally. 


The practice of exchanging data nodes over a connection between two or more compuers.

Networking is the back bone of all Data Centers and office buildings for connectivity. Understanding what comes to play in this pricess is crucial to the success of any Organisation in the IT worls. Network allows for enterprise buildings to be able to communicate and share a common infrastructure. 

Linux Operating System

An open-source operating system that is made up of the kernel, the core of the OS that communicates with the hardware. This is usually the preferred OS for servers.

Linux was originally developed for personal computers based on the Intel x86 architecture, but has since been ported to more platforms than any other operating system. Majority or all of Servers run on Linux as their main operating system. Due to its modular characteristics, enterprises prefer this OS to be able to design it to fit their needs.

Data Center

A facility that houses Storage and Networking equipment that makes it accessible for cloud usage.

The house or environment of super computers and technicians. This is a fast environment where all of the others above come together to function as one. Like any home or environment, services are required to build and maintain. Our training allows you to stand among the top technicians highly on demand for these BIG enterprises.